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FPI has moved! 

Our new address is: 

3320 SW Harrison Street, Suite 1
Topeka, Kansas 


Family Peace Initiative (PFI), is a partner of the YWCA.  PFI addresses domestic violence as a cruel behavior that inflicts tremendous damage on victims. In order to end this cruelty, those using dominating and controlling tactics must accept responsibility for their behavior and examine beliefs and attitudes that serve to "justify" cruelty. However, being accountable for the cruelty inflicted upon others is only the first step. Accepting responsibility for the impact of the cruelty that one experienced long before they chose cruel behaviors is a necessary step in the process of change. The metaphor that is used at FPI for this is the "River of Cruelty".


For more information about FPI:

E-mail  steveh@familypeaceinitiative.com
Visit  www.familypeaceinitiative.com