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2017 Program Details

Enrollment Opens:January 15, 2017
Enrollment Closes:  February 21, 2017
Season Starts: week of February 13, 2017
Season Ends: week of May 7, 2017
5K event: Girls on the Run 5k, May 13

Full and partial scholarships are available based on financial need.  Our goal is to never turn a girl away for financial reasons. Please know that we request all scholarship recipients to pay a portion of the program fee, however nominal that may be, so there is buy-in and a sense of pride and ownership, which helps with attendance and engagement.

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Meeting Dates

Meeting Time

 Start Date
Berryton Elementary Heart and Sole (5th- 6th)Tuesday & Thursday 4:05-5:30  Feb 28
Berryton Elementary  Girls on the Run (3rd-4th) Monday & Wednesday 4:05-5:30  Feb 20
Chase Middle School       Heart and Sole (6th-8th)
Monday & Wednesday    3:00 -4:30   
Elmont Elementary 
Girls on the Run (3rd-6th)
Monday & Wednesday
 Feb 22
Farley Elementary        Girls on the Run (3rd-6th)
COMING Fall 2017

Jay Shideler ElementaryGirls on the Run (3rd-6th)Tuesday & Thursday3:45-5:15  Feb 21
Landon Middle SchoolHeart and Sole (6th-8th)
Tuesday & Thursday
3:00- 4:30  Feb 28
Logan ElementaryGirls on the Run (3rd-6th)Monday & Wednesday4:00 - 5:30   Feb 13
Maude Bishop Girls on the Run (3rd -5th)Monday & Wednesday 3:40-5:15 
Northern Hills Elementary Girls on the Run (3rd - 4th)Monday & Wednesday4:00-5:30 Feb 22
Northern Hills ElementaryHeart and Sole (5th- 6th)Monday & Wednesday 4:00-5:30  Feb 22
Pauline Central Elementary
Girls on the Run (3rd)
Tuesday & Thursday
Randolph Elementary    Girls on the Run (3rd - 6th)     Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:15  Feb 14
Rossville Grade School Girls on the Run (3-6th) Tuesday & Thursday3:30-5:00 
Royal Valley Middle School   Heart and Sole (5th- 6th)
Tuesday & Thursday3:30 - 5:00  
Shawnee Heights ElementaryGirls on the Run (3rd-6th)
Tuesday & Thursday
 Feb 21
St Mary Grade SchoolGirls on the Run (3rd-6th)   Monday & Wednesday3:30 - 5:00
 Feb 20
State Street Elementary  Girls on the Run (3rd-6th)  Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:30   
Tecumseh North Elementary Girls on the Run (3rd-6th) Monday & Wednesday 3:30-5:15  
Tecumseh South Elementary Girls on the Run (3rd-6th) Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-5:15  
West Indianola    Girls on the Run (3rd-6th)
Monday & Wednesday    4:00 -5:30   


Start a Team!

Girls on the Run Northeast Kansas has exclusive rights to Shawnee, Jackson, Lyon, Osage, Pottawatomie (USD 321)  and Wabaunsee Counties. Contact Council Director Kjrsten Ruch at kruch@ywcaneks.org to start a program at your school or community based location.  

Download a site application or register a new site online

If your school is in another part of the state contact Girls on the Run International.