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FEATS (Families Empowered by Additional Teaching of Students)

FEATS is an after school tutoring program providing specialized instruction, healthy meals, and community engagement to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. We currently have two FEATS programs; one at Highland Park Central and on at Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet. Many of the students engaged in FEATS are considered to be at-risk, food insecure, academically challenged, or just need a safe place to go after school. 

Highland Park Central FEATS

FEATS at Highland Park Central is a growing program that started with just 20 students and has grown to over 50 students. This FEATS program was launched in late September 2015. The funding to provide this program comes from the United Way of Greater Topeka. 

Students have direct instruction tutoring three days each week. This tutoring focuses on literacy and mathematics education. The YWCA, in cooperation with Highland Park Central and the United Way of Greater Topeka, have set goals for the FEATS program to ensure its success. 1) Reducing the number of chronic absences, 2) Reducing behavioral referrals among participating students, 3) Improving students' attitudes towards math and reading, 4) Increasing math and reading state assessment scores, and 5) Increase the number of students performing at or above grade level in reading and math.

Additionally, two days each week, students participate in extra curricular activities, field trips, community service work, and team building activities. In March 2016, the YWCA partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to offer FEATS students the opportunity to participate in a corporate bigs program with Advisors Excel. Read more about the partnership and program here.