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Race, Ethnicity and Religion



Race, Ethnicity and Religion in Contemporary Kansas

 The YWCA is on a Mission

The Mission of the YWCA of Northeast Kansas and the YWCA of the USA is the elimination of racism and the empowerment of women. The YWCA is concerned about growing racist and prejudicial attitudes on display in recent months as seen in news articles and reports and even remarks by candidates for public office. This project will explore racism and its insidious and divisive nature in society as well as other attitudes such as sexism, Islamophobia, discrimination and violence against one group or another.

 The project proposes to examine questions such as:

  • What is racism?
  • What societal conditions are giving rise to the acceptance of racist, sexist public statements?   
  • Is the resurgence of violence in Topeka and other cities towards minorities acceptable?
  • Can America actually eliminate racism or can we only drive it below the surface for a time?
  • What are our individual responsibilities toward reducing or eliminating racism
  • How does institutional racism perpetuate these attitudes?
  • How important are values such as Trust, Love toward One Another in combatting fear and hate?
  • What is White Privilege?


Evening community forums during October are being planned now:  

  • Oct. 4, 7:00 PM Forum at Washburn Law School –with Jim McCullough, moderator. Sponsored by the Center for Peace &Justice
  • Oct. 11 5:30 PM Free Dinner, Avondale East Net-Reach Center – with Barry Feaker, moderator. Sponsored by the Topeka Rescue Mission, NIA’s
  • Oct. 13, 6:30 PM Forum at YWCA, 225 W 12th
  • Oct 17 6:30 PM Highland Park High School – Pastor Delmar White moderating


Continue to check back for more dates of forums and events.