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YWCA 2020 Advocacy Committee Goals & Priorities

  1. Eliminate policies and practices that criminalize people of color
  2. Protect the rights and safety of marginalized communities
  3. Ensure that women, children, and families seeking safety and opportunity in the U.S. can arrive and live without fear, harm, or discrimination
  4. Remove barriers to and expand opportunities for women’s successful workplace participation
  5. Prevent gender-based violence and protect survivors
  6. Ensure that women, girls, and marginalized people have access to quality, affordable, comprehensive, culturally competent health care, including the full range of reproductive health services

YWCA Advocacy:  Driving an Inclusive Agenda for Women’s Health, Safety, Equity, & Economic Opportunity

  • Federal Advocacy Legislation

    • 2019-2020 Legislative Priorities
      • Security and Financial Empowerment (SAFE) Act
      • End Racial (and Religious) Profiling Act (ERRPA)
      • DREAM Act
      • Equal Pay Act/Paycheck Fairness Act
      • Minimum/Living Wage
      • Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019 (VAWA)
      • Gun Violence Prevention/Gun Safety
  • State & Local Advocacy Legislation

    • 2019-2020 Legislative Priorities
      • Medicaid Expansion
      • Kansas for Payday Reform
  • Civic Engagement

    • Advance Voting in Topeka
    • Increase Voter Registration & Civil Engagement
    • Support YWCA GOTV
  • Field Organizing

    • Notify YWCA members and constituents when to take action by posting “Action Alerts” on the YWCA Advocacy Cafecito FB Page
    • Marches & Rallies & Tabling
      • Lobby Day
      • Stand Against Racism
      • Week Without Violence
  • Advocacy Training

    • YWCA Book Club & Conversation
  • Thought Leadership

    • Women’s Advocacy Community Convenings
      • Week Without Violence – Oct
    • Partnerships, Coalitions & Work Groups
      • Kansas Coalition for Citizen Participation
      • League of Women Voters Topeka
      • Topeka Center on Peace & Justice
      • United Way Advocacy Committee
      • iNCLUDED
      • M4T (Michelle for Topeka) Community Outreach Committee
      • LOUD LIGHT
      • Kansas Coalition for Payday Loan Reform
      • NAACP
      • El Centro
      • Mana de Topeka