YWCA Testimony: Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights

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YWCA Testimony: Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights

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To: Members of the House Federal and State Affairs and Senate Judiciary Committees, 

YWCA Northeast Kansas believes that quality, affordable healthcare is critical for everyone, but for many women, particularly women of color, those who are low-income, and those who are survivors of violence, medical care often remains inaccessible. Moreover, YWCA Northeast Kansas supports access to the full range of reproductive health services including abortion.  

Access to reproductive healthcare is crucial for women’s empowerment. YWCA opposes all efforts to limit the ability of women to access comprehensive reproductive health services, including contraception & abortion. 

As an organization that has long advocated for the health and safety of women and girls, and that continues to advocate for increased access to health care, reduction of racial health disparities, and protection and support for survivors, I ask you to vote no on the constitutional amendment HCR 5019 / SCR 1613 that denies the right to reproductive freedom in the Kansas Constitution. 

This amendment takes away rights from women in the Kansas Constitution. Even if we all don’t agree on abortion, we should agree that it is a personal, private medical decision made by a woman, her family, her faith, and her doctor. Moreover, there is already a ban on taxpayer-funded abortion.

Finally, protecting the full range of reproductive health care for women isn’t a partisan issue. According to YWCA USA’s 2018 Comprehensive survey, “What Women Want”, more than 50% of Republican women, prioritize protecting Roe vs. Wade.


Kathleen Marker 

Chief Executive Officer

YWCA Northeast Kansas 


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