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Art Has the Power to Change Lives

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Advocates at the YWCA Center for Safety and Empowerment transform lives every day through the critical services provided to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, and stalking. What happens when we add in the passion, creativity, and dedication of local artists? The annual Concealed Revealed Art Auction is one of the most inspiring events of the year, dedicated to the incredible resilience of survivors and the hope that art and advocacy provide.

The proceeds from the Concealed Revealed Art Auction support the incredible work of the Center for Safety and Empowerment. In 2021, YWCA staff and advocates continued to rise to the challenge to meet the ongoing public health and economic needs of survivors, knowing that shelter, safety and counseling throughout the pandemic would remain an urgent and crucial need in our community. The YWCA Center for Safety and Empowerment provided direct services to 2,766 clients, including 1,357 clients through the 24/7 crisis hotline, 1,161 served non-residential counseling and case management services and 248 clients served through safe shelter services. In addition, we provided community education and professional training to another 7,240 people in our community. Over the last year, we saw a 321% increase in services accompanying survivors to the hospital for forensic medical examinations. 

We see the need for our critical services each day, and we couldn’t do this work without the support of our donors, and of local artists who help make this annual fundraiser a success! Keep reading to hear from some of the artists contributing to this year’s auction, then preview the rest of the art and register to attend the virtual live auction on Saturday, April 23rd at 6 PM! The silent auction opens Monday, April 18th at noon.

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Empowering Women, Supporting Survivors

“Beauty and Strength”

Acrylic on Canvas
Artist: Michael Sondgeroth


“The flowing gown in the colors of Spring usher in a new beginning. This acrylic gown forms a butterfly symbolizing both strength and beauty in the women the YWCA supports.”

“Strong Women”

Mixed Media
Artist: Dottie Cobb

“I love to do art pieces that are uplifting and empowering statements about women. I am a survivor of domestic violence, and I have been blessed to have strong, positive, creative and uplifting women in my “village” during my journey to healing.”


Fiber Art – Embroidery
Artist: Olivia Gamez

“This piece is special to me this year. If you take a moment to look at my piece, you will see a world of colors. As your eyes settle, you see a bird and face, then you see the flowers in the hair. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, women have the ability to grow and transform. Through life experiences, there is change and growth! I left an abusive partner exactly a year ago, and this piece comes from my heart. It is a piece of me, and I am so proud of it.”

“Self Discovery: 1”

Acrylic on Canvas
Artist: Deborah Eckhart

“I find, as a survivor, you have the opportunity to rediscover who you are in the healing process. This is one avenue of discovery for myself.”

“On the Backs of Women”

Digital Illustration on Canvas
Artist: Sara O’Keeffe

“This piece is about my deep appreciation for mothers, grandmothers and caregivers who, in the US, are mostly all women, all severely undervalued and underpaid, but are the life-force who make it all thrive, who get things done, all with babies on their backs.”

Don’t forget to register and preview the rest of the art in time for the live-streamed live auction on April 23rd! The artwork will also be on display to preview in-person at the Jayhawk Theatre Gallery on Thursday, April 21st, and Friday, April 22nd. Click here for more details.