YWCA Youth Services students fly to new heights with STEM+ curriculum

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YWCA Youth Services students fly to new heights with STEM+ curriculum

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The YWCA Kids Quest Before and After School Program recently launched a new STEM+ curriculum that is taking off in schools across Topeka. Flying Classroom, a K-12 digital STEM+ curriculum, is based on the global expeditions of Captain Barrington Irving, a Jamaican-American pilot and educator recognized for being the first and youngest Black man to fly solo around the world. 

On the ground in Topeka, Kids Quest and FEATS students spend two days each week learning, researching, and applying their knowledge to hands-on projects and experiments. Live Flying Classroom instructors visit the students over Zoom, and the provided materials offer students a fun and interactive experience that they don’t often get in a typical classroom.

Students’ love for Flying Classroom is sky-high 

After just a few weeks of Flying Classroom, one Kids Quest student said, “I love science day!” Another student who was absent due to illness requested to join the Zoom from home so that she wouldn’t miss a Flying Classroom lesson.  

“Flying Classroom brings structure, learning, self-control and adventures to our students, and it is presented in a fun and playful way that the children look forward to every week.” -YWCA Youth Services Assistant Director Dawn Galbreath.  

Captain Barrington touches down at State Street Elementary

Students at the State Street Elementary FEATS got a big surprise recently when Captain Barrington and his crew stopped by for a special visit! He talked to the students about growing up in Jamaica, and his childhood dream to become a pilot. Then, the students answered some pop quiz questions about their Flying Classroom lessons. When given the opportunity to ask their own questions of Captain Barrington, the students were sure to ask about the important stuff:

“How long have you been a pilot?”

“What does it feel like to fly?”

“Do you know who Patrick Mahomes is?”

We can’t wait to see what missions the Kids Quest students – and staff – take on next!  

About Youth Services

The YWCA Youth Services programs provide affordable before and after school care, tutoring, summer camp, and School Days Out for families with children in kindergarten through 6th grade in several Topeka elementary schools.