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We are honored to welcome you into the 2022 class of Women of Excellence Honorees! For the past 33 years, YWCA Northeast Kansas has been honoring women in our community who are leading with creativity and vision, trailblazing paths through adversity, and lifting up others as they climb. This recognition places you with an illustrious group of women whose success and leadership are an inspiration to others in northeast Kansas.

In addition to honoring the women in our community who are nominated for this year’s Women of Excellence Awards, this event is our largest annual fundraiser to support the programs and services provided by YWCA Northeast Kansas. Learn more about our work by viewing the 2021 Mission Impact Report.

Please bookmark this page as a “hub” for all of the event details, timelines, resources, and more information that will ensure that you get the most out of your Women of Excellence experience!

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Honoree Orientations

Please choose at least one of the following orientation meetings to attend, and email your choice to Allison Marker:

  • Thursday, July 21st, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM via Zoom
  • Wednesday, July 27th, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM at YWCA Northeast Kansas

More details will be emailed closer to the date of the orientation that you choose.

TK Business Magazine Questionnaire

Each year TK Business Magazine Online publishes a feature on the YWCA Women of Excellence Honorees. Please fill out the questionnaire, and email a headshot to Kristin Hammer with the subject “WOE2022 – YOUR NAME”. (If you’re curious to see how the feature will look, check out the 2021 blog by clicking here.)

Your answers to this questionnaire also help inform the honoree recognition portion of our event programming.


Important Links

YWOE2022 Event website: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ 

YWOE2022 Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/652635478815408/ 

YWCA Northeast Kansas website: https://www.ywcaneks.org/ 

Official YWCA T-shirts, face masks, and tote bags: https://www.bonfire.com/store/ywca-northeast-kansas-swag/ 

More Resources

The 34th Annual Women of Excellence Awards and Gala is on Saturday, September 10th, at the Townsite Avenue Ballroom in downtown Topeka. Each honoree and a plus one are admitted to the awards gala free of charge.
Tickets, event details, fundraiser registration and more can be found at the Women of Excellence Awards website: YWCAWOE.SWELL.GIVES


Join us for a VIP reception at 5:00 PM, specifically for honorees and their plus ones.


The gala event begins at 6:00 PM with dinner, drinks, the award program, and a full evening of entertainment! A friendly fundraising competition (more details to come!) will continue throughout the evening via the interactive Swell website. Your friends and family who cannot attend the gala in-person will still be able to participate through an interactive livestream of the program free of charge.

All Honorees are registered through the Swell platform as “Fundraisers”, which means that you will receive an email with a personal URL. Share your URL with friends, family, and colleagues so that their donations count toward your individual fundraising goal! There will be prizes for the top fundraisers, which will be announced at the end of the event on September 10th. The Top Fundraiser Competition is open to anyone and everyone looking to vie for fabulous prizes and the title of “YWCA Champion”.

As an honoree, there is absolutely no obligation to participate in the top fundraiser competition, and your participation does not influence in any way the decisions of the Women of Excellence Nominating Committee.


Help spread the word about Women of Excellence and YWCA’s mission by sharing your personal fundraising URL through social media! First, please take a moment and add us to your networks: 

The official hashtag for Women of Excellence this year is #YWOE2022. Please use it in social posts. This will aggregate all mentions into our social wall on the Swell website–so we can all see what everyone is chatting about during the event! 

To tag YWCA Northeast Kansas on Facebook or Instagram, write @ywcaneks. This should pop up a suggestion of our page, “YWCA Northeast Kansas.” 


for linkedin, facebook, and instagram

For anyone who knows me, I am not a person who likes to be in the spotlight, and I prefer to be the one behind the scenes. I am so flattered I was nominated to help raise awareness for such a crucial organization. This honor this isn’t just about me. It’s about making a safer world for women and survivors, and about preparing kids for greatness, and about breaking down barriers to justice.  

Visit the YWCA Women of Excellence Awards event page and make a donation to @YWCA Northeast Kansas in my honor: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ [Or insert your own fundraising page link]

And consider joining me on September 10th for the 34th Annual Women of Excellence Awards and Gala in downtown Topeka! #YWOE2022

I was nominated for an award! I hope you will be able to join me on September 10th for the YWCA Women of Excellence Awards in downtown Topeka. I also hope you will consider directly supporting the needs of our community’s most vulnerable women and families. 

Your support will mean even more this year as @YWCA Northeast Kansas works to support women and families experiencing violence in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, provide racial justice programming, affordable childcare, professional development, and so much more. 

Make an impact by making a gift in my honor here: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ [Or insert your own fundraising page link] #YWOE2022

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: what we really need is action. Some may know that I have been nominated as a 2022 Woman of Excellence this year with the @YWCA Northeast Kansas-and what an honor!  

I know you have a lot of places to donate, but for all my friends wondering what they can do to make a difference: DO THIS —> Go to this page and make a donation to the YWCA in my honor: 

https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ [Or insert your own fundraising page link]. 

Join me to celebrate all of the amazing women leaders in Topeka being honored at this event in downtown Topeka on September 10th. #YWOE2022

For all my friends out there talking a big game about how crucial it is to fight for social justice…it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. I was nominated this year for the 34th annual Women of Excellence Awards with the @YWCA Northeast Kansas. This isn’t just an award–this is our way to make a difference. 

I challenge you to help me raise [ $250 / $500 / $1000 / $1500 ] by September 10th. This money stays directly in our community, creating programs to fight racism, helping to empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and making sure children are academically supported each year! 

Go to this page and make a donation to the YWCA in my honor: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ [Or insert your own fundraising page link] 

 for twitter: 
  • I am humbled to be nominated for a YWCA Women of Excellence Award. I support @ywcaneks bc they are #onamission to eliminate racism and empower women. This nomination isn’t just an award, it’s a way to show the world I stand for justice. Join me: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives #YWOE2022 
  • Join me on 9/10 for the @ywcaneks Women of Excellence Awards! PS: I was nominated! Please consider directly supporting the needs of our community’s most vulnerable women and families by making a gift in my honor here: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ #YWOE2022
  • This is our opportunity to make a direct impact on the future. Go to this page and make a donation to @ywcaneks in my honor: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ #YWOE2022 
  • I challenge you to help me raise [insert amount, example: $1500] by 9/10 for @ywcaneks. This money stays directly in our community, fighting racism, empowering survivors of domestic violence, & making sure children are academically prepared each year! Join me: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ #YWOE2022
  • I support @ywcaneks because they believe that our fight for women is a fight for women of color, immigrant women, Native American women, and includes the experiences of LGBTQ people. Are you with me? Join me celebrating Women of Excellence 9/10: https://ywcawoe.swell.gives/ #YWOE2022


You can download these graphics to share as images in your social media posts, or simply share a post that you see on our page!

Please don’t hesitate to email us, or call 785-233-1750, if you have any questions regarding the WOE event or your participation. 

2022 Women of Excellence Planning Committee Members

Marcy Weekley, Co-Chair

Ariane Davis, Co-Chair

Paige Blevins

LeTiffany Obozele

Alison Pollock

Erika McNeill

Allison Marker, YWCA Resource Development Director

Kathleen Marker, YWCA CEO