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Living Our Mission

Join YWCA Northeast Kansas in our mission to break through the barriers that perpetuate racism.

YWCA Northeast Kansas is dedicated to promoting racial equity by partnering with individuals, organizations, and businesses through racial justice training, advocacy, outreach and education.


Creating a more just world through advocacy, civic engagement, and community education.

Racial Justice Book Club

Facilitated monthly discussions on books by and about people of color.

Racial Justice Training and Education

A variety of trainings, presentations, and workshops to help you build your understanding of racial justice.

Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Why is racism a public health issue, and what can we do about it in our community?

Annual Racial Justice Challenge

21 days of facilitated challenges to build more effective social justice habits.

Reproductive Justice

Information, resources, and efforts to support reproductive rights and reproductive justice for all.

On Our Blog

Catch up on our advocacy and racial justice efforts by reading the latest blog posts.

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